Meet Our Staff

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"We believe in para-unity and that, by working 

together, we can learn so much from one another."

- Annie Kaiser -

Our staff works hard at making sure we keep a safe and harmonious environment. We each have our roles, in the society, and every role is important. We will be adding more staff members, as needed. When we do, we will be sure to include them on this page!

Our Team

We Believe The Planning Process Should Be Fun



Director of Operations / Project Manager

Annie has been involved in the paranormal as long as she can remember. When she was a little girl, just under five years old, she had an experience meeting someone who passed away a long time before their conversation. When her mother asked her who she was talking to, she explained who it was, and that they had a special message for her.

A few years, and many other experiences later, her mother encouraged her to research and learn about the different paths of spirituality. With an open mind and heart, she explored and learned as much as she could, solidifying her love for everything paranormal.

In her pre-teen/teen years, her and her friends used to explore old homes and spooky wooded areas, pretending to be like the Scooby Doo gang and Casper and Wendy. When she became an adult, she joined several paranormal groups and ghost hunting teams... until she came across one that needed a new organizer. She jumped at the opportunity and asked her husband (Matthew) to join her, bringing “The Tampa Bay Paranormal Society” to what it is today. She believes her passion for everything paranormal will live on forever.



Chief Paranormal Officer / Lead Investigator 

Born and raised in Florida, Matthew spent a lot of time indoors, watching television and reading, in the cool air conditioning. He was a self-proclaimed geek, who also had an interest in the darker/fringe things in life, including the paranormal. He found himself being cast as an outsider, when in groups. Eventually he met up with a group of friends, who also shared his passion for the unknown. This stoked the fires of curiosity in him and he delved deeper into studying and researching about the paranormal world. 

Forty years on this planet has yielded many supernatural experiences. His research and experimentation led him to being a researcher, investigator, and an organizer for multiple Paranormal and ghost hunting groups. All these roles have given him the experience and knowledge to continue pursuing his passion. Throughout all of his encounters, Matthew is still a skeptic, at heart. However, he keeps an open-mind and is a seeker of truth. Matthew is always in pursuit of solid evidence, that will make believers out of everyone.


VP Marketing

Public Relations Director / Case Manager

As a child, Marcie had many Paranormal experiences. But instead of embracing the paranormal, she was terrified of it. 

 In her 20's, She began having more paranormal and unexplained encounters. In time, she learned to embrace it, rather than run from it. It also became very clear that she was extremely sensitive when spirits were around, and was often able to communicate with them. She decided to put those experiences, knowledge, and  gifts to good use. She  joined the Tampa Bay Paranormal Society to do Public Relations and share her experiences with like minded individuals. 

In addition to being a proud member of TBPS, Marcie is a case manager and investigator with a team that investigates throughout Florida. She enjoys helping clients by giving them both understanding and peace of mind.