The Tampa Bay Paranormal Society (TBPS) began in 2001 as a Yahoo group, for people who shared an interest in the paranormal. After a couple of years, one of the group members decided to carry it over to meetup.com, where the group began to grow. They held local meet ups in the Tampa Bay area, and also hosted paranormal ghost hunting investigations.

After the meetup group changed organizers twice, the organization was picked up by us, Annie and Mathew Kaiser. We decided to take the society a step further and offer more than just ghostly investigations; we decided to utilize our resources and create a fun atmosphere for local paranormal enthusiasts to have a place to share their experiences, ask questions, explore more aspects of the paranormal, run experiments, and have a chance to meet others with similar interests.

When people first sign up to be a part of our society, many of them think we are like "The Ghost Hunters" or "Ghost Adventurers" television shows. Don't get me wrong, we do go on investigations, and sometimes it has the feel of those types of shows, but they soon realize that it isn't all the glitz and glamour we see so often on TV. For example, you can spend all night on an investigation, only to realize that your efforts concluded in a place that had nothing noteworthy to report (other than a crazy squirrel running amok in the attic). Spending countless hours reviewing footage can be quite frustrating; good for the home owner, but lackluster for the enthusiastic investigator. But ghost hunting has its good points too. There is nothing like going over the evidence and capturing a “Class-A” EVP (electronic voice phenomena) that makes your skin crawl when you listen to it! It can definitely be exhilarating.

Our group does more than just investigate hauntings. We also explore the possibilities of other paranormal activity and abilities like ESP, Astral Projection, UFOs, Cryptozoology, Remote Viewing, Other Dimensions, etc.

The Tampa Bay Paranormal Society also gets plenty of emails and phone calls from people who only want to do ghost hunting. We usually refer them to other local groups, who mainly focus on that particular type of investigating. This way they can explore to their hearts content and join a team that can utilize their passion. Even though we refer them out to other teams, we still encourage them to join our society because we are there for anyone with an interest in any part of the paranormal. We would also love to hear about their investigations and experiences.

Some of our members only join for the support and camaraderie of their fellow peers, and they don't ever want to go on an investigation or participate in any of our experimentation labs. That’s completely fine, because everyone has a different level of interest, and we are happy to accept all levels.

When a person contacts us about a paranormal problem they are having with their home, business, another place they are concerned about, or a haunted object, we will usually gather all the relevant information and we will pass it along to a local investigative team, that specializes in their type of issue. If the team we refer them to is too bogged down to take the case, we will send out our own team to investigate. This way we can be sure that, the person who contacted us, gets the experience and proper recognition for their type of problem. Once the paranormal investigation team performs their research, we ask that they report back to us with the results and any information they can share. Either us, or the team who did the investigation, will contact person who originally sent us the request, and check on their status. If they are still not OK, we can try to refer them to others who may be able to help.

Currently the Tampa Bay Paranormal Society has over 1,000 members. We are always looking for more. A little more than a handful of the members are local and active. Our meetup group is free to join, and our meetings are also free, when we have them. We do offer meetups to events and investigations that have a fee attached (conventions, investigations, movies, classes, etc.) because sometimes we also get charged to rent out a place or investigate. But we always let our members know upfront if there is going to be a cost associated with an event.

We will post on our calendar, when we are having an event. But to RSVP and sign up, please join our meetup page or our Facebook group page. Only there will we post details and keep in contact with those who sign up. Those links can be found on our home page.

As we said on our home page, we are not planning on doing regular, in person meetings anymore. We will still have outings and events, but we are moving forward with the times, and trying to go digital for our subject discussions. TBPS has a lot of passion, when it comes to the paranormal. We strongly believe in paranormal unity and we think it’s very important to keep our "Spirits" alive!